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Towonda Kilpatrick

Producer | Filmmaker | Playwright |Screenwriter| Entrepreneur | Author

Towonda Kilpatrick is an AWARD-WINNING Playwright, Screenwriter, Producer, Founder, Creator, and Author of the highly anticipated coffee table book Unselfish Women. She has always been captivated by the impressive unselfish acts of people, and thus set out to create a coffee table book with a non-profit initiative.

Towonda created Unselfish Women to be a platform that celebrates everyday women in their careers, non-profits, and various charities they support. Unselfish Women seeks to showcase the lesser-known, amazing acts of women. We all play essential roles in making a difference. This book sheds light on just a few of these amazing women.


surround yourself with good energy


Gloria Daniel | Editing Team
Ashley Sha’Phon | Make-up Artist
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